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Are you looking for a distinctive, stylish watch that stands out? It doesn’t matter if you want a sporty, casual, or traditional timepiece. Your search ends here, as Briston watches are more than just fashionable accessories. They are constructed with durable materials and have a long lifespan. Find out why watch enthusiasts should consider Briston as a wise investment.

Briston: What Is It?

French company Briston creates a variety of watches, including sporty and casual designs for both men and women. Briston timepieces are distinguished by distinctive design elements like cushion-shaped cases and vibrant NATO-style straps. Stainless steel and sapphire crystal are just two examples of the premium materials they are built with.

History of Briston Brand

Brice Jaunet established the relatively new watch company Briston in 2012. But the brand has established a name for itself in the watch business in just a few short years.

Briston’s history began when Jaunet, a sports enthusiast and former member of the French National Sailing Team, identified a need in the market for fashionable, reasonably priced watches that could withstand an active lifestyle. Jaunet started creating watches that combined traditional and modern elements after getting inspiration from the preppy fashion of 1960s British sportsmen.

The cushion-shaped case is one of Briston’s distinctive design elements, giving the timepieces a unique appearance and feel. NATO-style straps in a variety of colours were also chosen by Jaunet because they are suitable for outdoor sports and activities and are comfortable.

Watches were initially only sold in a few exclusive shops in France. However, thanks to rave reviews and recommendations from friends and family, the brand quickly became well-known. The brand has worked with numerous partners, including Land Rover and the French Football Federation, and its watches are now sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

It continues to be dedicated to its core values of quality, accessibility, and style despite its rapid growth and success. A variety of watches are available for both men and women.

Additionally, it maintains innovation and pushes the limits of what is practical in the watch industry.

Material And Construction

The business is dedicated to producing timepieces that are not only fashionable but also robust and of the highest calibre. To accomplish this the brand makes use of cutting-edge materials and exact construction methods.

  • Cases Made of Stainless Steel: Bris watches are made of premium stainless steel, which is renowned for its toughness and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel cases are perfect for daily wear because they are also simple to maintain and clean.
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass: The watch face is made of scratch- and abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Sapphire crystal glass is also incredibly transparent making it possible to read the watch’s face with ease.
  • Nylon Straps: Its vibrant NATO-style straps are constructed from premium nylon, which is strong and resistant to abrasion. Nylon is comfortable and lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor and sporting activities.
  • Precise Movements: To ensure precise timekeeping, Briston uses movements that are dependable and precise, such as Japanese quartz in its watches. The movements are also made to be durable and require little upkeep.
  • Water Resistance: Many of their watches have water resistance ratings of up to 100 meters. They become appropriate for daily wear, swimming, and water sports.

Classic Collection of Watches

The business provides a wide selection of watches to suit various tastes and fashions. Everybody can find a watch they like from traditional dress watches to modern sports watches.

  1. Dress watches have simple, timeless designs that are ideal for formal settings. These watches typically have a straightforward dial with tasteful hour markers and leather straps are frequently used with them.
  2. Sports watches are made for outdoor activities and active lifestyles. Typically sporting chronographs, tachymeters and vibrantly coloured straps these watches have a sporty appearance.
  3. Classic watch designs from the past are honored by vintage-inspired watches. These watches frequently come with leather straps or vibrant NATO-style straps and typically have cushion-shaped textured cases.
  4. The business also sells Chronographs which is a line of timepieces that are well-liked by collectors and sports fans alike. These watches frequently come with strong nylon straps and subdials for measuring elapsed time.
  5. Women’s Watches is a selection of watches made specifically for women that are also available from the company. These watches are available in a variety of designs and styles including traditional dress watches and modern sports watches.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining and caring for your watch properly is crucial to keeping it in top condition. These include shielding the watch from magnets and extremely hot or cold environments wiping it down frequently with a soft cloth and having it serviced by a qualified technician every two to three years. Your Bris watch will last for many years if you maintain it regularly.

How to Pick the Best Watch for You

It can be difficult to choose the right watch, but there are some important factors to take into account:

  1. Think about the occasions you’ll wear the watch and your personal style preferences.
  2. Take into account the necessities, like clocks or water resistance.
  3. A comfortable-fitting watch made of high-quality materials is what you should choose.

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